Weekly Photos and Story from Parentii

Photographer Karla Woodworth chose these photos not so much for the photos themselves, but for the story.  The Parentii Core Researchers with others held numerous community conversations across the state of Connecticut putting the “Looking for Answers Together” issue guide to work (http://discovery.wcgmf.org/lookingforanswerstogether). There are a couple stories that have remained with Karla. This is a mom at the Manchester Community Conversation. Karla admired her strength and ability to share her story. The Mom was able to recount positve interactions with DCF and was grateful for the experience. It was a first for Karla Woodworth to hear an account of the system actually working and working well. How powerful it would be to have a group of people telling the stories of systems working rather than how they fail, to create hope rather than fear.IMG_3830 IMG_3831 IMG_3845

Weekly Photo and Story from Parentii


This is a photo of Monica Jackson after her Parent Leadership Training Institute graduation ceremony at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, CT.  Photographer Karla Woodworth thinks it portrays much of what Parentii is about. Monica has accomplished a great thing that she probably had doubts about and struggled through. She has grown and is proud and grateful. She is looking forward to the future with another tool set. She is strong and hopeful for herself, her family, and her community.  One of the original Parent Information Action Research parent leaders, she has taken another step towards realizing her personal goals.

Stone Soup 2014

After a brief break from public presentations and conversations, the parent learning community will be presenting at the 2014 Stone Soup Conference: Parent Voices: From Listening to Action! Please see information on this presentation below:

Date: October 28, 2014 7:45 AM – 3:00 PM
Crowne Plaza
100 Berlin Rd
Cromwell, CT 06416
Discovery Communities and Partners
– See more at: http://discovery.wcgmf.org/www.discoverystonesoup2014#sthash.xyk3uypd.dpuf


Come learn how your collaborative can strengthen parent engagement by building the capacity of parents to engage with other parents. Parent Researchers will share why they value being part of a network of parents and what they have learned through their work. Through the Parent Inquiry Initiative (Parentii), Parent Researchers’ have demonstrated that parents will become and stay engaged in collaborative, cross-community work if the work is intrinsically worthwhile and connected to specific community issues they care about. Participants will receive materials they can use in their community with a range of stakeholders.

Parent Dialogue Leaders:

Karla Woodworth
Carmen James
Timeca Peters
Doreen Abubakar
Cheryl Petersen
Monica Jackson
Organizational Dialogue Leaders:

Paige M. Bray, University of Hartford
Erin M. Kenney, University of Hartford
– See more at: http://discovery.wcgmf.org/www.discoverystonesoup2014#sthash.LMIhUdyf.dpuf

Después de un breve descanso de presentaciones públicas y conversaciones , la comunidad de aprendizaje de los padres hará una presentación en la Conferencia de piedra sopa de 2014: voces de los padres : De escuchar a la Acción ! Por favor, consulte la información sobre esta presentación a continuación:

Fecha : 28 de octubre 2014 7:45 AM – 3:00 PM
Ubicación :
Crowne Plaza
100 Berlin Rd
Cromwell , CT 06416
Comunidades de descubrimiento y Partners
– Ver más en: http://discovery.wcgmf.org/www.discoverystonesoup2014#sthash.xyk3uypd.dpuf


Venga y aprenda cómo su colaboración puede fortalecer la participación de los padres mediante la construcción de la capacidad de los padres para participar con otros padres . Los investigadores de padres compartirán por qué valoran el ser parte de una red de padres y lo que han aprendido a través de su trabajo . A través de la Iniciativa de Investigación de Padres ( Parentii ) , investigadores de padres “han demostrado que los padres van a llegar a ser y mantenerse involucrado en el trabajo de colaboración entre comunidades , si el trabajo es intrínsecamente valiosa y conectado a cuestiones específicas de la comunidad que les preocupan . Los participantes recibirán materiales que pueden utilizar en su comunidad con una amplia gama de partes interesadas .

Líderes Diálogo padres:

Karla Woodworth
Carmen James
Timeca Peters
Doreen Abubakar
Cheryl Petersen
Monica Jackson
Líderes del Diálogo de organización:

Paige M. Bray , Universidad de Hartford
Erin M. Kenney , Universidad de Hartford
– Ver más en: http://discovery.wcgmf.org/www.discoverystonesoup2014#sthash.LMIhUdyf.dpuf

February 22nd Team Meeting

When:  Saturday, February 22, 2014
            11am – 2 pm
Where: Bible Church in Waterbury 
             240 Dwight Street
Agenda Items:
-Parent Researcher materials and forums for parents (what we have done thus far)
-What is your start point for your community conversation?  
-Keeping each other in the “loop” via the blog
-Blog activity through Erin to be “Parent Researcher” without name & sample posts

—Web-based document for March 15 (Parentii bullet points and image of blog)

— Waterbury 
— Torrington

— Alternate
— Bristol
Their food pantry is in need of canned chicken, peanut butter, and jelly. 
Please let us know if you need childcare and any special needs for food.
This is a test, please reply to parentii@hartford.edu to confirm if you have seen the email alert for this.