Weekly Photos and Story from Parentii

Photographer Karla Woodworth chose these photos not so much for the photos themselves, but for the story.  The Parentii Core Researchers with others held numerous community conversations across the state of Connecticut putting the “Looking for Answers Together” issue guide to work (http://discovery.wcgmf.org/lookingforanswerstogether). There are a couple stories that have remained with Karla. This is a mom at the Manchester Community Conversation. Karla admired her strength and ability to share her story. The Mom was able to recount positve interactions with DCF and was grateful for the experience. It was a first for Karla Woodworth to hear an account of the system actually working and working well. How powerful it would be to have a group of people telling the stories of systems working rather than how they fail, to create hope rather than fear.IMG_3830 IMG_3831 IMG_3845

Weekly Photo and Story from Parentii


This is a photo of Monica Jackson after her Parent Leadership Training Institute graduation ceremony at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, CT.  Photographer Karla Woodworth thinks it portrays much of what Parentii is about. Monica has accomplished a great thing that she probably had doubts about and struggled through. She has grown and is proud and grateful. She is looking forward to the future with another tool set. She is strong and hopeful for herself, her family, and her community.  One of the original Parent Information Action Research parent leaders, she has taken another step towards realizing her personal goals.